Catering – (because food is the most important thing ever!)

Food food food. 


When we first got engaged the top priority for both of us was food. (If you are friends with Eric on Facebook then you know that he takes photos of almost every meal he eats-  he loves food). Namely that the food at our wedding would be delicious and that no one would go home hungry. Actually we want everyone to have a hard time getting their party clothes off because they are so full from yummy food and dessert!

Looking for a caterer became the first thing on my to do list after we had picked our venue and date. I wanted to use a local caterer to save on transportation charges as well as someone familiar with what would be in season during June in Virginia. My mom knew of a couple places in the area and I quickly googled them to see what I might be able to find out. 

Well I immediately found some that were the antithesis of our style. Those got crossed off quickly. And then there were two, Real Food and Beggar’s Banquet.

So here is the breakdown:

Apparently, Beggar’s Banquet caters at WFS a lot and they know the layout and have a good feel for what they need and don’t need there. (1 point)

Beggar’s Banquet’s sample menu was something I would want to eat at my wedding, even without any edits! (1 point)

Real Food’s sample menu needed a little bit of tweaking – they were trying a little too hard (0 points)

My sister Rebecca had been waitstaff for Real Food at a party and said the food was out of this world delicious. (1 point)

Real Food has a “restaurant” where you can get lunch each day – with a varying menu per day. (Getting to try out food ahead of time? 1 point)

A tasting at Beggar’s Banquet is $100; or it’s free once you confirm (0 points)

Beggars Banquet was quick to respond to emails and seemed friendly. (1 point)

Real Food wasn’t super responsive but were apologetic about their delayed response. (0 points)

Beggars Banquet has access to rentals – tables, chairs, linens etc. (100 points)

Real Food does not have access to rentals (-100 points)

Final Score:
Real Food: -97
Beggar’s Banquet: 103

Okay well it wasn’t that simple but my mom and I had a great experience going to Beggar’s Banquet and talking with them at length (for about 2 hours!) about what we wanted, the food, the walkthrough of the evening, what kind of plates and linens we would want etc etc. I left thinking that they knew what we wanted and understood that we wanted simple delicious food for a party with 50-60 of our closest friends.

Real Food took awhile to get back to me and it wasn’t the easy sort of give and take that I was looking for. So it became a much easier decision – especially since Beggar’s Banquet can provide the rentals; instead of me and mom going to a rental place in Charlottesville and spending hours and hours picking through a warehouse full of linens and things. 

Eric and I are going to a tasting this week down in VA and hopefully our proposed menu is as delicious as we want it to be! And I’m sure it will be worth every penny! 



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