Catering – (because food is the most important thing ever!)

Food food food. 


When we first got engaged the top priority for both of us was food. (If you are friends with Eric on Facebook then you know that he takes photos of almost every meal he eats-  he loves food). Namely that the food at our wedding would be delicious and that no one would go home hungry. Actually we want everyone to have a hard time getting their party clothes off because they are so full from yummy food and dessert!

Looking for a caterer became the first thing on my to do list after we had picked our venue and date. I wanted to use a local caterer to save on transportation charges as well as someone familiar with what would be in season during June in Virginia. My mom knew of a couple places in the area and I quickly googled them to see what I might be able to find out. 

Well I immediately found some that were the antithesis of our style. Those got crossed off quickly. And then there were two, Real Food and Beggar’s Banquet.

So here is the breakdown:

Apparently, Beggar’s Banquet caters at WFS a lot and they know the layout and have a good feel for what they need and don’t need there. (1 point)

Beggar’s Banquet’s sample menu was something I would want to eat at my wedding, even without any edits! (1 point)

Real Food’s sample menu needed a little bit of tweaking – they were trying a little too hard (0 points)

My sister Rebecca had been waitstaff for Real Food at a party and said the food was out of this world delicious. (1 point)

Real Food has a “restaurant” where you can get lunch each day – with a varying menu per day. (Getting to try out food ahead of time? 1 point)

A tasting at Beggar’s Banquet is $100; or it’s free once you confirm (0 points)

Beggars Banquet was quick to respond to emails and seemed friendly. (1 point)

Real Food wasn’t super responsive but were apologetic about their delayed response. (0 points)

Beggars Banquet has access to rentals – tables, chairs, linens etc. (100 points)

Real Food does not have access to rentals (-100 points)

Final Score:
Real Food: -97
Beggar’s Banquet: 103

Okay well it wasn’t that simple but my mom and I had a great experience going to Beggar’s Banquet and talking with them at length (for about 2 hours!) about what we wanted, the food, the walkthrough of the evening, what kind of plates and linens we would want etc etc. I left thinking that they knew what we wanted and understood that we wanted simple delicious food for a party with 50-60 of our closest friends.

Real Food took awhile to get back to me and it wasn’t the easy sort of give and take that I was looking for. So it became a much easier decision – especially since Beggar’s Banquet can provide the rentals; instead of me and mom going to a rental place in Charlottesville and spending hours and hours picking through a warehouse full of linens and things. 

Eric and I are going to a tasting this week down in VA and hopefully our proposed menu is as delicious as we want it to be! And I’m sure it will be worth every penny! 



Wedding Dresses, Bridesmaids and More!

I know that I’ve been slow on the posting but I am still here. There have been a lot of things going on and I feel like I’ve hardly had time to plan a wedding much less blog about it.

Last weekend I went wedding dress shopping with two friends here in NYC and I tried 6 dresses at RK Bridal – they were all okay but the last one made me cry!!! I can’t really talk about it here because I wouldn’t want Eric to see – – – HOWEVER, my mom is coming up to NYC this weekend and we are hitting the town and going to RK Bridal, Aria Bridal and J. Crew Bridal. A lot of people have asked if I’m doing Kleinfelds; I’m not, I think it’s just too over the top and too much for me! I don’t need a big production to try on wedding dresses like some girls do, but I do want to make sure that my mom and I have a good time and that I find the right dress.

I like to think that I’m a fairly laid back bride – we’re planning a small intimate wedding (50-60 people) and therefore I don’t feel the need for the crazy bells and whistles that some brides have. My friend Amanda sent me a great article from gawker the other day about a crazy bride with 10 bridesmaids – it’s definitely worth a read for both the hilarity and the crazy bridezilla-ness of this woman. Thank God I’m not like her (Eric would probably kill me!)

Yeah, it’s safe to say that I have 1 bridesmaid – my sister Rebecca (Bec)

aren’t we adorable sisters?!

and that is it. No need for a big entourage – besides it’s a small wedding! Why not keep things simple!

More to come as wedding planning continues – right now I’m working on caterers, save the dates, invitations and more!! Stay tuned!

Date and Location

So I know it’s been quite awhile since I’ve updated the blog – I haven’t forgotten about it!! I promise!

Many plans have been forming over the past month – and now that we’re officially at the 9 months till the wedding mark I know that there is plenty more to do.

In the initial weeks after we got engaged things started falling into place for us rather quickly. I started working with my mom, who has been ridiculously helpful, to plan a Virginia based wedding. Having grown up there and spent a majority of my life in the beautiful state I knew that I wanted to get married in the rolling hills of Virginia countryside. After making that decision – location became easy – we would get married at Woodberry Forest School. WFS is an boarding school for boys in 9th-12th grades, where my parents live and my father is the chaplain. It’s about 35 minutes outside of Charlottesville VA and is one of the more beautiful places in the world!

I got this off of the Woodberry Forest School website ( – isn’t it gorgeous?!

So once the location was decided we were stuck with picking a date – I wanted to get married when it was warm – so winter and early spring were out of the running. When comparing calendars Eric and I realized we would have to do it around the school schedule – we started looking at summer 2013. I got help from my mom who coordinated with Woodberry about when we could rent the space and we ended up with 3 possible dates, June 22, June 29, or July 13.

We picked June 22, 2013!

It’s been reserved and we’re all set – so now we’re off to the races with catering, invitations, wedding dress shopping and more!! I hope to update soon!

Getting Engaged

It was a complete surprise! Well not completely; I knew that it was going to happen at some point. My mom and I had spent time during the winter picking out the perfect ring, and Eric had indicated it would happen at some point. However, the actual proposal was a complete surprise.

On August 7th, we moved from the 3rd floor of our beautiful apartment building to the 22nd floor. The whole day was spent piling the elevator full of our stuff and lugging it up to the 22nd floor. Our new apartment has better flow, better storage, and MUCH better light! Eric’s friend Toney came to help move all the big stuff and I was left to wrangle the dog and make sure that we got the odds and ends upstairs.

It was a long sweaty process.

The night before the big move, Eric had suggested that after we finished moving everything upstairs, we should go out and have Crumbs mini-cupcakes and wine in the park to celebrate moving into our new apartment together. He said that it would be a celebration of us sharing our space rather than just me moving into his space. I thought it sounded so sweet!

However, after a long day of moving and unpacking, I wasn’t so sure about this excursion to the park, but Eric held on to the idea. Around 7:30 that night Eric asked me if  I was almost done with the stuff I had been unpacking. I told him that I was almost finished but had a few things I was still working on. He said that was fine but he was going to jump in the shower while I finished and then go pick up mini-cupcakes while I took a shower. When he got back we could just go to the park for a minute and I agreed; all was going according to plan.

After showering, I picked out a comfy dress to wear for our celebration in the park and Eric arrived back at the apartment. He complained about being tired and wasn’t sure if he wanted to go. (This was him trying to make the park seem like my idea!) I said, it’s no big deal, we’ll go to the park for a few minutes and then come home – it HAD been a long day.

The whole way to the park we talked about the move and how tired we were. He didn’t let me catch on for a minute that he had something up his sleeve. We walked in Riverside park to a section that I call the boulevard – it’s beautiful, has lots of benches and faces the Hudson River. At first I wanted to sit in the first bench that we came to, fairly close to an ice cream vendor and the soccer field; Eric played it off by saying he didn’t want to sit near a food vendor since we were drinking wine. I agreed and we continued walking. It was fairly dark by then and the streetlights had started coming on. Eric wanted to know if I wanted to sit in light or darkness? I pointed to a secluded bench that faced the river and was, in my mind, fairly out of the way.

We sat and started eating cupcakes and drinking wine. I was having a great time relaxing and the cupcakes were really yummy! Eric was looking around and not talking too much and I started to get a little suspicious. But in my mind I played it off that he was tired and ready to be at home in our new apartment! He began to say something about us moving in together and I thought he was going to toast us and the apartment but he stopped and I became even more suspicious. After a few moments of silence and him not looking right at me, I asked for another cupcake (what is a girl to do? we hadn’t eaten any dinner!) He said yes and then turned to me and and started to explain how he felt about us moving together; I promptly opened my mouth and inserted my foot; I asked him if he was going to get me another cupcake or not!

After not being able to get out what he was trying to say for several minutes, we finished our wine and Eric suggested that we head back to the apartment. I thought he was being weird but I agreed and he pulled me to my feet.

As I stood up, Eric got down on one knee and I promptly burst into tears. He took my hand and I said “YES!” before he even got the question out! He asked me very emotionally if I would do him the honor of spending the rest our lives together. He pulled out a ring box and held it up. By this point I was crying so much that all I could say was “yes! I can’t even see the ring but yes!” He slipped the ring on my finger and we both started crying even more! We couldn’t have been happier!

The walk back to the apartment was like an out of body experience – I couldn’t believe that this had just happened and I was so excited! We were going to be getting married!!!!


Now before I talk about our engagement, I wanted to say a few things about our dog. We have an enormous Bernese Mountain Dog named Dexter – we both love him a lot; he’s extremely smart but can be quite a doofus sometimes.

Dexter on a morning walk

Eric had Dexter before I came into the picture and when he got Dex, he knew that it might be awhile before he found a girlfriend who loved big shedding dogs as much as he did. Well I’m glad he waited because Dexter is the best thing (besides Eric) that has happened to me!

The Road So Far…

We met in July of 2010. I moved to NYC to start work as Development Associate at a school, and Eric was the veteran Technology Director. It was a match made in heaven!

My first day of work, I was stuck in boring computer training led by an outside consultant. Trying to be the attentive new girl, I listened closely and followed all the instructions. Just down the table was Eric, he was having quiet (or not so quiet) conversations with the people sitting near him and causing quite a bit of distraction!

By the end of the first day, I could tell that he was fun and dorky and that we would probably get along quite well. As someone new to the city and to the job, he was nice and offered to bring me a copy of Time Out New York (a very useful publication!) The rest of the day was equally as boring, but I was glad to have made a new friend in NYC.

As I left work that day Eric was heading out at the same time, we walked towards the train station together and he asked me about my background. I explained to him that I had only been living in NYC for 4 days! He was stunned. He was a life-long New Yorker, born and raised in Brooklyn, lived in Staten Island and Manhattan, but he had never met someone so wet behind the ears when it came to NYC. Apparently, my newbie status made an impression when I confidently hopped on the 1 train and headed home for the day; no problem!


After that it was obvious that we were going to get along splendidly! We hung out at work and had a great time dorking out over the latest gadget or tv show. So when I explain that we’re dorky, what I really mean is that we’re uber-nerds. We both love technology, anything super nerdy and aren’t afraid to show it!

In the Fall of 2010, Eric and I went to my very first Comic Con in NY. As soon as I stepped in the doors of the Javitts Center I was hooked! It was the coolest place ever! They had everything from Star Wars to Battlestar Galatica to Doctor Who to Superman to Batman to TV panels for Nikita, Haven, Walking Dead… the list goes on.

New York Comic Con was definitely a place where Eric and I bonded over being super dorks – it was a lot of fun and we have been every year since. One of our friends even suggested that he might pop the question at Comic Con because we love it so much! (no he didn’t propose at comic con!)

Me seeing an almost lifesize TARDIS at Comic Con in 2010

By December, Eric and I had grown closer; I was invited to his birthday party at the beginning of the month and we were making plans to hang out. (If you hear him tell it, I was inviting myself over to his place from day one). After Christmas/Winter Break we were still dancing around the idea of actually going out. In late January, we ended up going to see No Strings Attached with Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher as our first date. The movie was pretty good and afterwards we ended up going to this great bar called Dive 75 (they have board games!) and had a great time!

Fast forward several months, and Eric and I were spending a lot of time together.

At Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt. 2 opening day!

We both realized that we were very happy and that the relationship was both healthy and good for us. My lease was up on my apartment in July, so we decided to make the jump to living together in August. So on August 15th, I packed up my stuff, Eric rented a truck and in one load we moved everything to his place!


This past year together has been amazing – I can honestly say I had never been happier! We had a great fall (second NY Comic Con together!) we shared our first Thanksgiving and had a great Christmas visting my family.

I made a 6 lb turkey breast for Thanksgiving! (we named him Mondo!)

Overall, it was a great living situation; we weren’t tearing each others hair out (keep in mind we live and work together!). Sure there were a few spats and many annoyances, but we compromised, learned to communicate and Eric always made sure we had a bottle of wine in the house!

This past May (2012), we began considering moving to a new apartment together. Eric had been living in the same place for 4 years and while lovely, was definitely more of a bachelor pad than an apartment for a couple. I scoured the internet, we  saw a few places, and realized we loved our current building. After inquiring with the leasing agent we found out we could move within the building to a different unit, but we would have to wait for a new one to open up.

There were several false leads and almost giving up hope, we ended up finding out that we could move from the 3rd floor to the 22nd floor perhaps at the end of July, perhaps at the end of August. I was so excited to have light, more storage space and a dishwasher!!! We waited from July 7th until almost the end of the month before we found out that it was finalized – we were moving on August 7th!

Now some of you may realize that August 7th is also the day that we got engaged… but that story is yet to come!

The old apartment mostly packed up and ready to go upstairs

Hello world!

Welcome to our blog that will hopefully chronicle our journey from dating, to newly engaged, all the way to wedded bliss! My hope is that I post on a regular basis and this becomes a scrapbook of sorts that I can look back at after the wedding!

Wish us luck!

Aren’t we adorable?!